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We create chatbots based on AI to automate payments, support services and banking operations in Facebook Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber and other platforms
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Find out how to make your bank or payment system popular in messengers and provide modern functionality to your clients and partners
Chatbots for banks and payment systems of 21 century

Special solutions for modern fintech and automated services in messengers for your clients
Opening a new account
Card design and setting
Credit application
Deposit application
P2P transfers between cards
B2B transfers between accounts
Transactions history
Limits management
Services payment
Utility bills
Top up mobile phone
Proof of payments
Electronic business
Merchant linking
Billing in messengers
One tap payments in chat bot with QR acquiring or MasterPass
Adding operator to the dialogue
Automatic support based on AI
Answers on FAQ or manually in Live chat
One-time passwords
Authorization via chat bot
3DS in messengers
Voice authorization
Talk to business clients and individuals in the most convenient way for them and save their time and money
Fast start
Development and updating of chat bots is much quicker than apps. Your clients do not have to download anything - they will simply find your bot in any messenger on any operation system.
Personal offers
Client management, support, call-center, SMM and sales department can work directly with clients in messengers.
Passwords, codes and other vulnerable data is never transmited in messenger dialogues. Instead, security channel through webview is used. Also it is possible to add user voice verification.
On a turn-key basis we provide kits ready for customization and
launch for every client
Framework 1
Chatbot Wallet
Wallet in chatbot for bank's and payment service provider's clients
in e-commerce and retail
> Adding VISA and MasterCard cards to the wallet in a chatbot

> Getting bills from merchants and paying in one tap with any card

> If required a secured 3DS or CVV input is presented in a webform to verify payments

> Notifying customer and merchant about payment status

> P2P transfers and top up mobile phone

> Saving and pre-filling of all delivery addresses

> Automatic online support

> Adding operator to the chat

Framework 2
Opening virtual or prepaid card in chatbot for private individuals or entrepreneurs
> Chatbot will provide information about all advantages of this card even better than consultant in a bank department

> Chatbot will lead the client through all steps of card issuing: from sending the phone number to passport data

> Selection of the date, time and place of the card delivery

> Capabilities of adding virtual card to Apple Pay and Google Pay to be able to make payments instantly

> In-chat notifications on card transactions, P2P transfers and mobile phone top ups

> Open a credit limit on this card in a few minutes

> Automatic online support

> Adding an operator to the chat

> Ability of adding the card to MasterPass and Visa Checkout wallet
framework 3
Siri PRO
Smart reference bot for your company's departments and employees
> References to the most common questions for HR or other departments of your company

> Automatic answers on majority of questions in chatbot to save your manager's time

> For instance: How to take a holiday, apply for medical leave, get a bonus? When is the corporate party or Boss's Birthday is? etc.

> Self-educating AI will let chatbot remember more and more different variations of same question and respond to it correctly

> Broadcasts with information about holidays, events and corporate parties, news, fundraising, votes and many other are now available in internal personal chatbot for your organization
Here are the best of all our projects based on frameworks described above
Case 1
"Evocabank" payments chatbot in all messengers for Armenian bank
Project for a big and innovative Armenian bank that allows to conveniently pay your utilities and more, even if you are not a client of a bank
> User conversion into new bank clients

> Phone number one tap authorization

> Pay for utilities

> Pay your fines

> Penalty repayments

> Top up your mobile phone

> Transfer money between cards

> Favourites to pay in one tap

> Reminders for regular payments
case 2
Payment bot "More" for receiving payments via QR-code based on Chatbot Wallet framework
Project for retail-business: client sends QR-code to a chatbot and receives a bill which he pays in one tap in messenger with any of his banking cards
> Generation of static and dynamic QR-code

> Adding and management of any amount of sales-points, salesmen or cashiers

> Generation and sending receipts in PDF format

> P2P transfers and top up mobile phone

> Automatic online support

> Adding operator to the chat

> Integration with MasterPass or Visa Checkout wallet

> Marketing broadcasts to all chatbot users and also to segmented audience
case 3
Onboarding bot "OK, Alfa" of Alfa Bank Ukraine for opening and managing entrepreneurial account in Facebook Messenger
Client can open entrepreneurial account right in a chatbot, make wire transfers, submit tax reports, issue invoices, pay bills etc.
> Choose a pricing plan for account service

> Open an account and order the card delivery

> Check the balance and manage credit limits

> Make a payment under a contract

> Issue an invoice

> Buy or sell currency

> Order a currency for withdrawal

> Automate filing of a tax return

case 4
Payment bot EPUL for online services in Azerbaijan based on Chatbot Wallet framework
With MasterPass wallet clients can pay for utilities, top up mobile phones
and make money transfers
> Linking to MasterPass wallet

> Payments for utilities

> Top up mobile phones

> Money transfers

> Automatic support in chatbot

> Information about portal with a link and contacts

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Goal of a project: provide banks and payment service systems with a new channel of communication for their business and private clients - messengers, where people are used to spend a lot of time
Presentation in Baku on PAYMENTS2020 conference
Presentation in Abu Dhabi at StartAD Accelerator
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